Ten years focused on mold hand production

Yuyao Star Mould Factory , established in 2003, is one of Ningbo's current large-scale hand model manufacturers.
Our company has 50 CNC engravings (maximum equipment 1800x 1500mm), 20 3D printing equipment (maximum equipment: 800x800mm) and complex molds, lathes, milling machines, painting, sandblasting equipment, etc.
First, the main business: professional production of hand model, 3D printing, silicone complex, product copy number, three-dimensional design, modeling, mold manufacturing, injection molding;
Second, the products that can be undertaken include: auto parts, smart home products, robots, electronic case hand boards, medical equipment hand boards;
Third, the use of materials: ABS, POM, PC, PA6, PA66, PMMA, aluminum alloy, iron, steel, bakelite, EVA, etc.;

Why choose us?

Time service

Highly effective pre-sales consulting customer service;
Experienced quotation engineers give you real-time quotes;
Programming engineers are on hand to assist with professional 3D printing design and production solution challenges.

Empirical advantage

More than ten years of experience in the Shouban model industry;
Professional manual post-processing team;
Experienced engineers and technical backbone, quality assurance.

Resource advantage

Effective resource integration, leading hand model industry manufacturing process;
Continuous improvement of service system to provide you with better service;
Strong online and offline marketing methods, with a wide range of customers worldwide

Process advantage

Industrial grade machining accuracy;
Post-treatment processes such as assembly, painting, silk screen, electroplating;
Perfect hand model industry supporting facilities, complete after-sales processing.

Yuyao Star Mould Factory

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